Horses saved my life.
Horses can save YOU, too!


I’m Sandra Sell-Lee.
64 years old.

In 2006, I collapsed into a heap: a broken person with no energy, no passion for life, numb. I was diagnosed with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) a result of workplace stress and trauma.

After 35 years as an organization consultant and executive coach, I had lost sight of “me.”

My heart was closed. I slept all the time. I was depressed.

I sought seclusion.

I hung out in my garden, with my dog Daisy, and soaked in nature. My loving husband watched nearby, seeking inspiration for how to help.

In 2007, while attending a Jungian Dream Workshop, I met my first horse-mentor: Horse O’Course. In Montana on 8,000 acres, he touched my Heart and Soul. He helped me glimpse the “me” I’d lost.

I began a journey which took me into the world of Equine Assisted Learning and discovered that:

  • Celts had used horses as Oracles 7000 years ago
  • These magnificent sentient beings have been on earth waiting for us to discover their purpose as our teachers
  • I could learn how to hear their messages

Then, I began to study with human teachers partnered with horses. I began learning how to communicate with horses, too!

These magnificent beings have helped me rediscover my Heart, my Soul, and Spirit. They have shown me the Other Side. They continue to encourage my unique authentic Self to become the person I am meant to be.

I had grown up as a child with a horse and a dog as my best friends. Almost daily we would ride across fields and down stream beds, sharing the experiences of discovery and living fully.

Today horses continue to sustain and encourage and inspire me, in ways I had never imagined possible. I am deeply grateful.

AND NOW, I want to share horses and their wisdom with youin ways that will support you to heal old wounds, to (re)discover and appreciate who you are, and to gain clarity about your life’s purpose.


Contact me by phone at 206.799.3527 or email me to find out how.