Horses as Teachers

Why learn to communicate with horses?

Sandra-Bo200Horses expand our potential of what is possible

Horses help us better listen to our own hearts, bodies and souls

As we learn to listen in the presence of horses, we discover we have a common language with horses: Authenticity!

As we journey to living authentically, we can begin learning our own unique divinely-inspired life lessons. Horses inspire each of us to live authentically into who we are meant to become!

Horses live in the present

When we are present and authentic, horses accept us for who we are. Because horses demand authenticity, their gift to us is an invitation to develop

  • personal integrity
  • thoughtful leadership
  • mental and physical balance
  • emotional congruency
  • flexibility
  • receptivity
  • clear intent
  • sophisticated energy management

Horses have heart

Conventional wisdom limits thinking to the brain. Horses teach us how to think with our hearts!

Horses understand emotion as information

Communication is complex. 10% is verbal while 90% is non verbal. Humans tend to rely on the 10% which is verbal – words that come from the brain.

Horses teach us to listen and to communicate with our hearts and our whole bodies – the other 90%. They teach us how to live in greater periods of peace and fulfillment.

Horse-redheadHorses are messengers from the Divine

Horses model embodied spirituality. Horses awaken us to the Divine Mystery. They help us see the invisible world of meaning and connectedness.

They teach us how to live in God’s Peace “which passes all understanding”.

Horses live in both worlds.


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