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Equine Assisted Coaching

Based on our initial conversation, we will agree on the general purpose of the coaching sessions, the number of sessions, and select a meeting venue. Options include:

  • Sandra comes to you and your horse
  • You come to Sandra and one of her horse partners

Contact me by phone at 206.799.3527 or email me
to arrange a complimentary face-to-face “meet-and-greet.”

EponaLogocreamThe Epona Approach™
Introductory Workshops

Soul Care: Through the Way of the Horse
(no horse experience required)

In partnership with Sandra and the Herd,
journey to discover new ways of living
an inspired life!

Our Mission:
Looking deep within to bring forth heart

and soul, with laughter, grace and

Conventional wisdom limits thinking to the brain, seeing to the eyes, hearing to the ears and feeling to touch.

Horses teach us that the heart is an instrument of unlimited capacity, capable of informing our perception in ways that expand our awareness, insight and understanding of ourselves and others.

Through Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning we can tap into this horse wisdom and begin to view life through a new lens. Expect to be surprised as you explore your own previously untapped wisdom. Let the horses show you how by joining us for a day or more of discovery.

Join us as we explore the mystery of learning about ourselves
in the presence of horses.

Through engaging in non-riding activities with a “beginner’s mind,” and using basic Epona philosophies and practices, horses teach us how to communicate non verbally, using information stored in our bodies, and accessed through the wisdom of our hearts.

In this workshop you will meet the Herd and learn to:

  • Trust your intuition and gut feelings
  • Distinguish your inner “Soul Self Voice” from your conditioned (and false) voices
  • Listen to the messages behind your emotions
  • Respect one another’s spatial needs
  • Set boundaries among your two legged and and four legged friends
  • Use these skills for building authentic community

To be announced

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Contact me by phone at 206.799.3527 or email me
to arrange a complimentary face-to-face “meet-and-greet.”